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Let me be the first to admit: more often than not, both titles are simultaneously applicable to me. I call this the Art of being #AuthenticallyDisasterous.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Hailey Snyder; and through a massive accumulation of fatefully-random-and-uniquely-individualized-life-experiences, I have endured, adapted and grown into the “Disaster Queen” I am today. Sometimes I am one with the disasters life throws at me, and sometimes I’m all-over-the-flipping-place. A.K.A. a disaster, myself. Although, I think this may be one of my greatest strengths. One of my superpowers, if you will. I call this the art of being #AuthenticallyDisasterous.

Let me further explain. Whether we want to admit it or not, at the end of the day, belonging to the human race undeniably categorizes us as beings who are synchronously perfect and imperfect. This is true throughout every second of every minute of every day we spend on Earth. However, recognizing this inevitability only allows us to see the mountains in front of us. The true magic begins to emerge when we're able to surrender to this state of being and know with our whole heart that it is a perfectly acceptable, beautiful and transformative way to live. 

1. Embracing our ability to be both perfect and imperfect at any given moment; and then, 2. choosing to make a conscious decision to show up authentically for ourselves and others, as so, and in every moment - regardless of whatever inadequacy and/or magnificence we may bring to the table; and then, 3. accepting and allowing others to do the same; is the just of what I mean when I refer to the art of being #AuthenticallyDisasterous.

I consider being #AuthenticallyDisasterous to be one my superpowers and genuinely believe this superpower is within and available to each and every one of us - 24/7. I also believe, that when the art is finetuned just right, it allows us to not only able to see moutains that may lie in front of us, but fuels us to now be able to climb, withstand, adapt, and, ultimately: conquer them. This is because living #AuthenticallyDisasterous forces us to continuously flex and condition our resilency muscles. 

From my experiences in life thus far, I've observed the art of being #AuthenticallyDisasterous act as a powerful catalyst for creating consciously profound change in our world. My theory is that safe, yet, vulnerable spaces to talk about difficult things that matter are created when we learn how to tap into the state of mind cultivated from consciously choosing to be show up in our daily lives as #AuthenticallyDisasterous individuals. This artful way of living allows raw-authenticity to take centerstage. Collective raw-authenticity leads to safe, healthy and inclusive environments which promote opening, expression and extension of the hearts of all who are willing to embrace vulnerability and nurture resilency.

[Being vulnerable means being willing to show one’s true self regardless of wether they’re riding the highs or the lows. It means not being afraid to speak about where you’re at in life. It means you recognize that you’re imperfect and embrace and improve upon your downfalls. Basically, in a phrase more characteristic of myself, it means you know that everyone fucks up from time to time, which means you’re also going to fuck up sometimes; but you know it’s best to face your fuck ups head on, with an open heart, and, you know, ….. actually care about the implications of your fuck ups and how you can correct them or do better next time...all of which being #AuthenticallyDisasterous encompases.]

“I think it’s time we all start giving credit where credit is due and start recognizing vulnerability and resilency for what they are: necessary tactical components of Operation: Heal Humanity.” 

So, yes, here I am, attempting to openly and authentically share my heart with y’all. I’m hoping that through my vulnerability, a safe space for having difficult conversations about things that matter will sprout and blossom. With more and more of these conversations taking place, it is also my hope that the masonry needed to construct resiliency among the human race will start to become more and more plentiful. Together, let's navigate through the “disasters” of life. Together, let's work to prepare the most efficacious, equitable, and strategic operational plans which will be able to manage whatever “disasters” life may throw our way. Together, let's be brave. Let's open ourselves up to criticism. Let's learn together. Let's have fun together. Let's allow waves of change to guide us into uncharted territories and cotton-candy-sky horizons. 

Together, lets commit to more consistently living through the art of being #AuthenticallyDisasterous.

Disclaimer: I'm open a very open minded individual who is passionate about discovering ways to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing, and prosperity of all who inhabit Planet Earth. I love to hear from and engage in thought provoking discussions with other respectful and open minded individuals who have all different kinds of views. Lets collaborate together to learn from the past and present to prepare for a better future. What I'm really trying to say is...please reach out and connect with me if you feel drawn to do so! I'm very excited to hear from y'all. Let’s get to know each other, learn from each other and build each other up!

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Fun Facts & Professional Background

  • Young professional with a background in Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness, Domestic and International Disaster Response, and Public Health 

    • Licensed Paramedic for 5 years; 7 years of expereince in EMS total

    • Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a focus in Emergency Management & Disaster Preparedness​

    • Almost 3 years experience working in Emergency Management from the Federal Level

    • Current Physician Assistant Student at UW-Madison - School of Medince and Public Health

  • Sister, Daughter, Grandaughter, Cousin, Friend, Auntie, Godmomma, Dog Mom, & Plant Mom

  • Hobbies: Exploring the outdoors when the weather is warm, DIY home improvement projects, rearranging furniture (#fengshuimatters), crafting and painting, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, checking my horoscope, vibing to music, landscaping projects and taking care of my plants, thinking about things in new ways, trying new things and adventuring to new places, meeting new people, learning about new things, playing with my doggos, watching Badger Football games, and....did I already mention #crazyplantlady

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